What is Health?

Health is defined in the Webster’s dictionary as “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.” What is needed to be in this sound condition? If we no longer have health, is there a possibility of reversing the unhealthy condition and becoming healthy once more? These are both pertinent questions, for, without health, one’s quality of life can be significantly reduced, or one can even cease to live. It would seem then that knowing how to achieve and maintain a healthy state of body, mind, and spirit should be a matter of primary concern for every individual. In the future, I will share information about living a lifestyle that not only promotes health, and greatly reduces the odds of having a disease, but can also reverse unhealthy conditions once they exist. Notice I said lifestyle. A lifestyle is a way of living, not a fad diet that is followed for a short time.  I believe a healthy lifestyle will provide the best opportunity to have a sound body, mind, and spirit.

 “We cannot be too often reminded that health does not depend on chance. It is a result of obedience to law.” {Ministry of Healing 128.2} Obedience to law! Can it be that there are laws that govern the health of our body, mind, and spirit? Can it be that if these laws are broken, there is disease, and if they are kept, there is health? Can it be that the God who created mankind also put in place laws to govern our being? I believe the answers to these questions are all yes! What are these laws that must be obeyed to have health? In the future, we will examine these laws more closely. However, for today it is enough to know that “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power–these are the true remedies” {Ministry of Healing 127.2}  that not only restore health but maintain health of body, mind, and spirit.

These remedies can be summed up in the acronym NEWSTART. The N stands for nutrition, E for exercise, W for water, S for sunlight, T for temperance, A for air, R for rest, and T for trust. When applied together, these remedies promote health and can reverse disease. The many testimonies of those who have regained health provide overwhelming evidence. Take, for example, this story: “Randy had two transient ischemic attacks in six months, was on high blood pressure medication for over 30 years, had an angioplasty after a heart attack and weighed over 245 pounds.” Then he changed his lifestyle. “He has lost over 70 pounds, is off all medications and is feeling fantastic!” (McDougall Success Story 10-14-2017)

Right here in McBride B.C, I know a woman who has completely reversed Type 2 Diabetes and no longer takes any insulin or any other medication for diabetes. Yes, she tests completely diabetes free! She has also greatly reduced her heart medication and high blood pressure medication. Her improved health came from just making lifestyle changes! 

Next time we will begin with a closer look at N for nutrition. See you then!

Written by Phyllis Krueger
Certified Healthy Lifestyle Coach

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