A Baby, a Miracle, and a Loving God

The story I am about to share is one that happened a couple of years ago. The foreknowledge of the Creator of the heavens and the earth never ceases to amaze me. As I recall this wonderful testimony, my mind is drawn to Isaiah 65:24, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” God knows what we need before we do. Many times, He has already arranged everything before we’ve even whispered a prayer for help.

At the time, I was still employed as a logger. The work we had lined up for the summer was alongside a beautiful lake. It was very remote, and several hours away from the town where we call home. After packing up all our belongings, we began the journey of moving our little 10×30 logging camp to a spot near the worksite. We had a gorgeous view and a small creek trickling past our campsite. Although it was beautiful, my wife will tell you the mosquitoes were not.

As we progressed into the summer, it became hot and dry. It had been several weeks without any substantial rain, and the fire hazard was verging on extreme. We were already on night shift, and it looked like we might get shut down completely. 

Then one day, a dry thunderstorm blew in and started a fire near our campsite. It now became a mad rush to pack up camp and move to a safer location. We worked well into the night and ended up finding a nice spot by the lake. Exhausted, we finally collapsed into bed around 1 am.

The next morning the smoke was thick, and you could hardly see the lake. It was evident that a few fires were now burning in the area, but the fire crews had already started their work to keep the blaze under control. Although there were fires in the area, they were small, and we were able to continue our work. 

The attempt to keep working did not last long, however. Another dry lightning storm rolled in and started a fire on the ridge right above the cut block. My boss decided it was best to move the equipment out, and it was good we did. The next day, the fire wiped out the whole valley. Due to increased winds, the blaze spread from 100 hectares to 11,000 overnight. Sadly, another contractor in the area lost all his equipment to the fire.

The spot we had moved our camp to was in the main valley, which was still free from fires. We were safe for now, but what were we going to do? How long would it be before we could resume work? We didn’t know, so we spent the next few weeks out by the lake waiting to find out where we would go next.

It ended up being a slow summer due to the fires. To top it off, we had a wet fall, which led to more time off work. We were expecting our first child at the time, and circumstances were leading to financial stress. We were unsure how we were going to make things work, but we put our trust in God. Oh, how wonderful it is to have such a solid rock and foundation to lean on during uncertain times!

To our surprise, a month before our due date, my wife went into labor. We were surprised as there were no warning signs. Out of nowhere, my wife’s water broke, and by the time we were rushing off to the hospital, she was at 2-minute contractions. 

To understand the full scope of the picture, I must add that we were 2 hours away from our midwife. The hospital in our town does not deliver babies, so we were stuck doing the 2-hour drive. To top it off, the first 30 minutes was down a bumpy dirt road. Not fun for my poor wife!

Because our newborn girl was pre-term, we ended up having to stay in a hotel for a week. The previous lack of work had drained us financially to the point that we did not know how we were going to cover the additional expense. To our surprise and wonderment, our church family pulled together and covered the cost of our stay. The Lord had provided for our needs. Just wait, it gets better! 

Things finally began to settle down, and we were able to establish some normalcy with a brand new baby. Thanks to the support of our church family, we were slowing starting to get back on our feet. It was at this point that a lady in our church approached us after the sermon indicating that she wished to speak with us privately. What could it be?

She began to tell us about a certain savings envelope which she uses for emergencies. She’s been using it for roughly the last ten years if someone is in trouble. She proceeded to tell us that several days before, she had been listening to a sermon that strongly moved her. The speaker told a story about how the Lord sometimes impresses us to help someone randomly. A strong impression then came that she should give the money in her envelope to us. She asked, 50% Lord? The impression came even stronger, no, all of it!

When she gave us the envelope, there was $1120! Shocked, we didn’t know what to say. She proceeded to explain that she had never seen that much money in the envelope before! She continued to tell us that God impressed her that we were only to spend it on the baby, nothing else. But how could we possibly spend so much money on a baby who already had everything she needed? Later that day, we chuckled at how many diapers a person could get for a thousand dollars. We were hesitant even to take such a generous gift. But who were we to question God’s will as expressed to this dear sister? Humbled and slightly uncomfortable, we accepted the cash and drove home in quiet bewilderment.

A couple of days later, we discovered that our daughter had a severe lip and tongue tie. This is a genetic condition affecting tongue and lip mobility. It was causing my wife tremendous pain during nursing due to a poor latch. If left untreated, ties can cause oral issues later in life, such as speech impediments, trouble eating, and even gum decay. The most effective surgery to correct the tie in our case was a laser revision. This surgery is performed by a pediatric dentist and is very expensive. On top of it all, the nearest clinic that could perform the laser revision was 4 hours away.

I bet you can all guess where I am going with this. The money in the envelope was just enough to pay for the procedure and expenses with only ten dollars to spare! God provided no more than we needed, and no less.

God will certainly take care of all our needs. He cares about the little details in our lives, and even answers prayers we have not yet uttered. I hope that this testimony will bring a blessing to all who read it. This experience has increased my faith, and I hope it will do the same for you.

A Testimony of Cory and Rachel Lamming

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  1. What a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing. We serve an amazing God who is touched by our infirmities, who remembers that we are made from dust. He loves us with an everlasting love and with loving kind He calls us to come unto Him. To learn who He is. For He is meek and gentle and He will restore our broken and weary hearts. John 3:16,17 is a wonderful promise to us.

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